January 25th, 2023

            I’m reading a book right now that talks about quantum gravity. A lot of it has gone over my head naturally but I must say the principles and theories discussed really make things seems so simple in nature. Understanding how spacetime itself came into existence for some reason gives me a role in that unfolding. I can feel my connection to this cosmic episode that we’re currently experiencing. This dance of chemical energy that makes up our physical reality – it’s incredible.

            I’m grateful for today. Snow is coming down hard in upstate New York and I have the opportunity to stay home all night, no obligations or responsibilities.  I’m also feeling especially introspective today. I feel like this moment has great potential for insight. I pray for its guidance.

            I’m 25 now – my birthdays just over a week past. I feel good. I’m happy, I’m healthy. I have new music out, new music on the way. I’m starting to book gigs for the year and I have some really cool opportunities on the horizon. I have people in my life whom I’m grateful for and love dearly. I have people I can trust.

            I don’t know what tomorrow holds or if it holds anything at all for me. Life is a great mystery but it comes down to this moment: it’s all we know and it’s all we’ve ever known. All the energy that exists in the universe exists right now for you and I to connect to. We just have to feel it. Each and every moment, we must feel it. Feel all of our ancestral and celestial energy and allow it to guide us toward healing and light.


Grateful for this moment.