Singer-songwriter and recording artist Shane Rennison hails from the Catskills of Upstate New York, bringing genuine, soulful energy to everything he does, from his diverse array of covers to his authentic and emotive original songs. With new content in the works for 2022 and beyond, Shane is an artist to watch as he reinvents himself post-pandemic.

Growing up, Shane spent years reluctantly playing trombone in his school band, but it wasn’t until later that he struck upon his deep love of music. After studying abroad in Paris and returning home from college, Shane felt something missing in his life. On his search for the perfect creative outlet, he picked up a guitar and began writing his own songs.

In 2018, Shane recorded his first track, “Galaxy,” under the name Rennii and was pleasantly surprised by the song’s reception. He went on to record four more tracks that year (“Red Alert,” “Hollywood,” “Two Face,” and “Anonymous”), which ended up amassing a few thousand streams on Spotify. Seeing promise in his pursuit of music, Shane moved to NYC in 2019 where he started working with producer T-Heights. Together, they released five more original songs (“Here for the Summer,” “Won’t You Slide,” “Talk,” “This Feeling,” and “Another Way”) under Shane’s former moniker.

When the COVID-19 pandemic rocked NYC in 2020, Shane retreated to his hometown in the Catskills where he began writing extensively and refining his guitar and piano skills. He soon met producer Julian Giaimo, and the two began co-writing. Their first track, ironically titled “You Don’t Wanna Hear It,” was released on April 29th, 2022.

Shane also performs live regularly at local venues throughout the Catskills, covering over 150 different bands across multiple genres, including Johnny Cash, Green Day, Ed Sheeran, and more. You can find the dates of his upcoming performances on Facebook and Instagram and catch full videos of his live acoustic covers on YouTube.

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